Monday, December 08, 2008

One more minute.

As always, I am looking for more than the fifteen minutes of fame I am due. After I wrote the poem the other day, my friends suggested I send it to the newspaper. Not being one to do something half-assed, I decided to do it whole-assed. I emailed it to Dave Ross, the host of the biggest talk radio show in Seattle. He said he liked it and would read it on the air. This morning, true to his word, he recited my poem to the masses.

It was pretty cool. This is the closest I've come to getting my work published. I feel like Navin R. Johnson when he got his name in the phone book. THIS IS MY BIG BREAK. It's just this kind of exposure that can get my writing career off the ground.

Besides, it beats paying my dues.

Here's the link to the pod cast of the radio show:

He read it at the end of this segment. Go to the end and back it up about a quarter of an inch, and hit play. He changed it a little to make it tighter and help out the meter, but it's still good.

Song lyric for the day -

"Tell my story pain and glory. Guess my occupation. Free and easy warm and breezy. Overnight sensation" Dreamcicle - Jimmy Buffett


Anonymous Anonymous said...

w00t! He's back . . . and full of rhyme and rhythm to boot.

Great poem!

Good to see you online again.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Patti said...

WOW! and thank goodness i can ride your coattails....

7:15 AM  
Anonymous db said...


8:21 PM  

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